Sky is the limit for Darla & Mike’s wedding day

Finally I am posting some wonderful photos from Darla & Mike’s fall wedding, which took place at the Calabogie Peaks Resort in Ontario. Sweet people, beautiful environment, relaxed atmosphere and a  few drops of rain in the afternoon.

Darla called me up from Toronto to book me for their day.  What I did not know is how adventurous this beautiful couple was. Darla and Mike really wanted to go up to the Eagle’s Nest Lookout which is on top of the mountain. The terrain was pretty rough and tough  but we  did not give up till we  reached the top. I could not be more proud of them to take upon this adventure. They were super happy on top of the  rock and they were reaching for the sky.

We had a fantastic day together, their families and friends were  wonderful to spend the day with and the extra little adventure made this day truly unforgettable.

It is also my great pleasure to say that the very first time I  submitted  a photo to a magazine, I choose one of these fall themed images from this wedding and it  was chosen to be the cover photo for Ottawa Wedding Magazine 2012 Fall/Winter Edition. It was chosen unanimously from hundreds of other photos submitted by other photographers!! Yay, I am pretty happy together with Darla and Mike.


They are just genuinely happy, their sincere and radiant happiness is so inviting and contagious. This is the submitted fall themed photo, it was chosen from  hundreds of other  photos submitted by other photographers, to represent and to be the cover photo for the Ottawa Wedding Magazine 2012 Fall/Winter Edition.

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