Newfoundland stole my heart


I have travelled to many places in the world, but there are a very few places where I felt at home as much as I did in Newfoundland.  It stole my heart!  I have heard many beautiful stories about not just the scenery but most of all about the people, who make this wonderful province so unforgettable ! I was very excited when Amy, whose destination wedding I captured back in April in the Dominican Republic– CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT –, asked me to go back with her and John to Benoit’s Cove, NF to attend a local  wedding reception for those, who couldn’t attend at the DR.  There are no words to express how I felt while I was there and how sweet and real people are. There is a certain innocence in their heart, which we in cities tend to loose  or better to say not to attend  in a way perhaps we should. We get caught up with work, technology, rushing here and there…..I can’t say enough of the locals and all the sweet people I have had the luck to meet. Perhaps the best way I can honor them is to post some wonderful images for you to see what I mean. If an image is worth a thousand words, I think I wouldn’t have enough images to post in order to  express the greatness of these magnificent people.

I also would like to say a big Thank You to Amy and her wonderful family, for their kindness and beautiful hospitality!

Please stay tuned in for the 2nd part of this trip. I will try to cacth up with my blog post soon!

The scenery photos were taken at Frenchman’s Cove, Benoit’s Cove, Lark Harbour, Blow Me Down Provincial Park in Newfoundland!

Amy with a lobster 😉

Levi, Amy’s dad, the captain of the boat!

Terry, my Tim Horton’s body..

Terry and Roslyn..

Roslyn again from a different view;-)

The very sweet and only Valerie and Levi, Amy’s parents!

Gerald, Levi’s brother…

and again the sweet Levi, who let me to navigate the boat…

The two borthers, side by side on the boat. Can you tell? 😉

Terry Valerie, and Dave.

The wonderful Amy and John!



  • Beverley Perrett

    Absolutely stunning pictures!!! I was fortunate enough to meet you at Amy and John’s wedding reception while in Benoit’s Cove….you were a pleasure to meet and to see how we “newfie’s” left such an impression on you is such a nice feeling. Wishing you continued success with your amazing talent!! Take care 🙂

  • Evan Hickey

    Hey Eva, beautiful pics, really kind words as well ! Im a cousin of the bride, we met at the bayveiw club at the reception, Anyways keep em comin, lol, hope to see more !

  • Kim SmithEvans

    Oh Eva,
    I absolutely loved viewing the Newfoundland pics and reading the introduction!! What an amazing job as always………you are amazing….we love you!!! Come back to the “ROCK” and visit us anytime so we can rant and roar again!!! You have really captured who Newfoundlanders are…………….xo

  • Darell Smith

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures EVA. As someone mentioned Your picture do the bay of Islands justice! Which is rare
    Makes me proud to come from such beatiful people i miss them
    Thank again
    Darrell Smith

  • Lynn Lee

    Eva, these pictures are stunning! And I’m so glad you included images of those wonderful people you got to know while there. Being from Nova Scotia, I know only too well the beauty of Newfoundland and it’s residents. They still, to me, are the most geniune kind people in Canada. I’m thrilled that you had a chance to experience it all!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Marie O'Keefe Gillard

    Eva, your pictures are beautiful. I am very proud to be from Newfoundland, I am so happy that you loved it here too. You are always welcome back, I’m sure a lot of doors are open to you!!

    I am a friend of Amy and John and was at the wedding to celebrate with them, they are beautiful people…if only we can get them to move back with us!

    Take care and hope to see you again;

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