Linxi + William’s Chinese | Buddhist tea ceremonies + wedding at Le Belvedere


Linxi and William’s wedding day was one of the most packed with cultural elements along with  fun activities throughout the day. Three wedding dresses later the day ended at one of the most beautiful venue around the Ottawa area, at le Belvedere.

The day started with William and his groomsmen and woman “breaking” in into Linxi’s place. Basically they were asked to do certain fun activities in order for them to be able to enter the house so William could take his bride,Linxi away. The “breaking in” was followed by  a Chinese Tea Ceremony  where they expressed their respect to Linxi’s parents and finally William was able to take his bride away and to his parent’s home for another tea ceremony.

Arriving to William’s parents home was very familiar for me, as I did photograph Willima’s brother’s wedding a few years back, so it was very sweet to see his parents and grandparents smiling and welcoming face. Linxi + William however couldn’t avoid some more fun upon entering and if you scroll down you will see the task they had to do in order to get into the house.

Besides the traditional tea ceremony, they also  expressed their gratitude and respect by Buddhist customs, which I  found  beautiful and very respectful to the heritage.

Once we finished here, we all headed out to Le Belvedere where the civil ceremony was held and finally they were able to officially tie the knot.

I had a wonderful and great  day with all the people, Linxi and William are one of the finest people with much gentleness and kindness to them.

Thank you for a beautiful day Linxi and William.

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