Dorota + Chris | Marble Mountain Wedding – Newfoundland

I met Dorota at her friend’s wedding a while back and I all remember of her this cloud of happiness and beautiful smile.  Naturally I felt honored  when she and Chris contacted me for photographing  their wedding. I was super excited  to learn that the wedding would take place at one of my favorite part of Canada and the world, which is Newfoundland.

Chris is one of the sweetest and most courteous person I have ever met. Their personalities perfectly match each other, their love for life and laughter is hands down. All of their guests arrived from other parts of Canada and Newfoundland to celebrate this beautiful union if their lives.  I am truly lucky to be part of the moments of  this happy and  great couple.

The wedding took place at Marble Mountain Resort,  the getting ready took place in two different villas at Humber Village.  Even though the wedding was in August, you just never know from one minute to the other how the weather will turn out. We started the day with sunshine, by the time of ceremony arrived , we literally had one of the biggest rainstorms and the ceremony was moved inside. This however did not change the mood of the day as their families and friends cheered away till late night.  We got a lucky break for 10 minutes during the evening when we wondered outside for a few photos and I am glad for that  as we had to cancel our plans to wonder deeper in the mountains of Newfoundland.

Thank you for everything Dorota and Chris ! xxx


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