Elise + Jared’s destination wedding|Majestic Colonial – Punta Cana

Elise + Jared’s wedding took place at the Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana. Since they live in the USA, all our planning for the day happened  via emails. Once we met up one day prior their wedding day, I felt like I was meeting friends. Their  families are very close, if I had said that Elise & Jared’s 1st date was at a very young age over ice cream, their moms basically drove them to their 1st  date while waiting for them to finish the ice cream by the next table, would you believe me? I hope you said yes, because that is the truth and they  are  more like first grade sweethearts.;-) Life is a wonder and mystery and I can never get tired of hearing how people have crossed each other’s paths.

Then there is also Father Tom, who is their Pastor back in the US, he is basically a family member therefore he had no other choice than to marry Elise & Jared in the Colonial’s tiny chapel.

The reception was held at the Wet bar, I loved the all white and classy decor also, the cake was yummy and beautiful,  DJ Mania rocked the night with an awesome music selection, every one was partying pretty much till closing time.  Elise’s beautiful  make up was created by the talented Krystie Ann.

Thank you Elise+Jared for the wonderful day .