A stylish maternity session with a touch of European flare in the Byward Market


We are all different and I believe that is why the world is so beautiful and colorful. Wouldn’t you get that mundane feeling if you had  to eat the same type of food everyday? My sweet momma used to tell me, that,  beauty in our world lies in  being different, I should be curious about it, not to fear it. I did not know at the time what a great advice she was teaching me. I also learned that in being different we all have something very important in common which connects us . It is called: being Human….and that is the strongest tie we have with each other….

If you happen to browse through my photos, you may notice that difference and that connection ….. The photos are great because I work with great people, with great and different personalities, we trust each other in  developing a unique style, which is a fine balance in between their personality and my style!  That is why I Love the difference and the photos always show that Human connection…






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